Out With Old, In With the New

Reasons Why Dustless Floor Refinishing Is the New Trend


The floors in our homes suffer a ton of abuse on a daily basis. It can’t be emphasized enough crucial dustless floor refinishing and other maintenance measures are important in keeping them in tiptop shape. Read on to know more why this maintenance service is becoming ever popular.


Lesser Hassle

When you talk about dustless floor refinishing, there is no need for you to move out from your own home. Unlike in the old times, you’ll have to wait for your contractor to finish your floors. Flooring is a major house construction that could even cause asthma. With the dustless method, you need not worry about the dust that might get into your lungs.



With proper maintenance, it is guaranteed that your floors will serve you for years. With floor refinishing, you don’t need to go through another process of floor refinishing. Instead, you can have it revived by refinishing contractors. This will not only save you money but also time.


Here at Dave's Hardwood Flooring, we offer a variety of service that our clients avail. If you want to avail of our dustless floor refinishing, visit us in Trappe, PA or call us at (610) 492-6815 for a free estimate.

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