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Dave's Hardwood Flooring is a reputable company that has been providing quality flooring materials and flooring installation services to homeowners and commercial clients in the area since 1998. In the lines below, you can learn more about what we can offer to our customers in Trappe, PA, so keep reading!

Dustless Floor Refinishing

There are two methods of refinishing floors — dustless and sandless. The dustless method is used to restore old, stained, scratched, or damaged hardwood floors and make them look brand new. The process includes sanding down the floor up to 3 times to the raw hardwood. After that, the surface can be stained with the desired color. To finish it all up, clear coats of quality varnish are applied to complete the job. The advantage of dustless refinishing is indisputable because the traditional sanding process leaves a lot of dust that can linger in the air you breathe long after the job is complete.

Hardwood Floors for Sale

We sell a wide variety of hardwood floors made from high-quality wood. You can choose between walnut, bamboo, white oak, cherry, maple, rosewood, pine, hickory, and many others.

Hardwood Floor Installation

If you want to ensure your new hardwood floors are properly installed, we recommend turning to our skilled flooring specialists for the task.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

LVT look like stone or ceramic tiles, complete with gorgeous natural colors and surface texture that makes them look and feel like the perfect flooring for you. Turn to us for the installation!


Dave's Hardwood Flooring can also install flooring on stairs, be it tile, hardwood, or anything else.

Hardwood Stairs

Installing Hardwood Stairs

If you are curious to learn more about our availability, terms, and rates, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff by calling (610) 492-6815 with your questions. Do not let the fact that the base of our operations is in Trappe, PA influence you because we have clients from nearby areas as well. Contact us for more information!

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